Protecting Personal Information

The Protecting Personal Information (PPI) course is designed to present key concepts related to privacy and confidentiality in preparation for your future use of eHealth software applications.

Please contact your respective regional support to request access code and/or reference material for Protecting Personal Information(PPI) training.

Home and Community Care Program

Users of the electronic Service Delivery Reporting Template (e-SDRT) and the electronic Human Resource Tracking Tool (e-HRTT) can get copies of the documents listed below by contacting their regional Help Desk.

Help Desk

Alberta Region

Help Desk (877) 495-5334 Toll Free
Fax (780) 495-2687
Health Canada
9700 Jasper Ave., Suite 730
Edmonton AB T5J 4C3

Saskatchewan Region

Help Desk (877) 772-7715 Toll Free
Fax (306) 780-7137
Health Canada
2045 Broad Street, 5th Floor
Regina SK S4P 3T7

Manitoba Region

Help Desk (800) 846-6428 Toll Free
Fax (204) 984-1940
e-Health Solutions Unit
Manitoba Regional Office
First Nations and Inuit Health Branch
300 - 391 York Ave
Winnipeg MB R3C 4W1

Ontario Region

Help Desk (800) 241-2751 Toll Free
Fax (613) 952-0177
Health Canada
1547 Merivale Road, 3rd Floor
Ottawa ON K1A 0L3

Quebec Region

Help Desk (877) 543-5353 Toll Free
Fax (514) 283-6567
Health Canada
200 René-Lévesque Blvd. West
East Tower, 2nd Floor, Room 202-145
Montréal QC H2Z 1X4

Atlantic Region

Help Desk (877) 426-4515 Toll Free
Fax (902) 426-8675
Health Canada
1505 Barrington Street, Suite 1525
Halifax NS B3J 3Y6

National Help Desk

(613) 301-2276
Fax (613) 595-0395
Health Canada
340 Legget Drive, Room E107
AL: 2801C
Ottawa ON K1A 0K9